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Maximize the profits from the sale of F&I products, minimize your risk by managing your own risk low cost efficient administration tax savings.


Agents Management Group helps you set up and operate your own reinsurance program.

Why send the profits outside administration?

As the reinsurance company, you are entitled to the underwriting profits and investment income of all eligible insurance products your dealership currently sells.

Tax Benefits

Under IRC Sec. 831 (b)(2), your reinsurance company is taxed only on investment income.

Estate Planning Benefits

The ownership of the Insurance Company can be structured to achieve the most effective estate planning and/or key employee compensation objectives.

Cash Management

Flexible options that provide you with complete control within exceptionally reasonable guidelines.


Credit Reinsurance Program


Agents Management Group has partnered with select insurance carriers to offer you the most competitive credit insurance programs available in the market today.  When you begin producing insurance with Agents Management Group, you take advantage of the maximum amount of back-end profits, with complete program protection.


  • Underwritten by AM Best "A" Rated or better insurance companies
  • 100% of premiums are ceded, assuring the reinsurance company of maximum allowable profits
  • Underwriting profits and investment income are credited to reinsurance company
  • Direct commission plans are available


  • Competitive up-front commissions, while providing back-end underwriting profits and investment income to reinsurance company
  • Various credit insurance products available
  • Additional profit center while offering your customers sound protection
  • Agents Management Group provides policy and reinsurance company access
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