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Since 1984, our mission has been to design profit-sharing programs that pass on the most profits in the safest manner to the insurance producer. Today, as it was in the beginning, we adhere to that concept by passing on the most profits from the sale of your F&I products through the ownership of your own Reinsurance Company. The growth of our company and the profitability of our dealer clients insurance programs, attests to the successful ongoing accomplishment of our original objective.

“Today, as it was in the beginning, we adhere to that concept by passing on the most profits from the sale of your F&I products through the ownership of your own Reinsurance Company.”

We currently manage over 75 captive reinsurance companies, representing about 125 dealerships, comprising over 2,000 automobile dealer relationships. We continue to enhance our reputation as the industry leader in reinsurance program structure and expertise. With over 33 years of growth and experience, we feel confident that we can provide The Reinsurance Solution.


"Taking Ownership"

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Many products sold in the finance office have well documented experience, predictable loss ratios, and broad consumer appeal.  This is particularly accurate in the case of service contracts which remain the leading contributor to F&I opportunities and profit.  Service contracts often determine the most practical business model to establish point of sale profit, underwriting participation, and other direct/indirect benefits for the producer.

Most dealers have followed the evolution of participation options moving from direct producer programs (no participation) to retro plans that share some of the underwriting profits as they emerge.  Dealers with favorable Retro plan results eventually migrated to "reinsurance" which is the most common arrangement for service contracts and many of today's ancillary F&I products.

Select dealers with well disciplined internal procedures have determined they can successfully maximize product income by outsourcing required administration and operating an in-house or self insured program commonly known as a Dealer Obligor model.

The immediate advantage of such an arrangement is the internal accumulation of a "cash reserve fund".  Instead of submitting all "premiums" to an insurer, the producing dealer submits only the fees required to operate such a program and assumes responsibility for the liability exposure on contracts sold.  The selling dealer also retains the "cash reserve fund" which will eventually pay future claims or become underwriting profit.

As part of their fee, the administrator provides "Failure to Perform" coverage which enables lenders to advance on products sold.

If a producing dealer retains the cash reserve fund on self insured (Dealer Obligor) contracts the fund is considered income as produced and is subject to the corporations tax rate.

Many producers form authorized reinsurance companies that effectively assume the risk of Dealer Obligor products and positively impact tax consequences.

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“Providing complete financial service solutions and reinsurance options to auto retailers with a proven track record of optimizing profit and managing results.”
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