Richard Osuch

Richard Osuch

Richard Osuch is a man of principle,  He doesn't go anywhere without a plan, and he never leaves without seeing measurable improvement.  It's that code, that work ethic, that dedication to preparation and results that makes him the perfect person to enhance your management team.

With 25 years of experience mastering the responsibilities of a general manager, director of finance, finance manager and vehicle salesman, Rich is known as "the complete solution."  He'll have your management team be meeting his award-winning standards in a hurry.

Rich recognizes opportunities, creates decisive plans, galvanizes management and leads persuasively.  He doesn't lose sight of our mission to maximize your income at the point of sale and increase the profitability of your reinsurance company.

Most importantly, Rich will share with your team a sense of urgency and a commitment to rolling up his sleeves and getting the job done.  Rich will arrive with a plan, and he'll leave you with the results you want.

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